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The Greedy Greedy Monster

Try your hands on completing this interactive story of a greedy greedy Monster who changes his shape every time he eats an animal.

Author / Artist : Josef Lee



(View fullscreen for best effect. Click on < > to scroll through story.)


Download PDF • 1.91MB


"The Greedy Greedy Monster was adapted from an interactive storytelling session that I did with two classes of pre-school children.

It was the first time for me to do storytelling to such young kids and none of my stories were simple enough to be shared with them. So I came up with an idea of a greedy monster that changes its shape whenever it eats a different animal. This allowed me to interact with the kids and they get to suggest how the monster looks as the story progresses. At the end of the session, the children get to draw their own version of the final look of the greedy monster after eating all the animals in the zoo. And I really enjoyed seeing the creative drawings from everyone!

Pre-school kids drawing their version of the monster in my interactive storytelling classes

I had a great time doing this interactive session with the two classes and always hoped for a chance to share this story with more kids. And it seems like the perfect story to be presented as a mini picture book so everyone will get a chance to complete their own version of the story."

- Josef Lee

The mini book version! Attempted by my nephew and niece - Nicholas and Natasha


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