How to Make Your D.I.Y. Mini Picture Book

Step 1.


Find the story that you want to print.

Right-click on the red box on the story page and choose
'Save link as…'
Choose where you want to save the PDF, then click 'Save'.

Step 2.


Choose Paper Size as 'A4', Orientation as 'Landscape' and

Page Scaling as 'Fit to Printable Area'

NOTE: DO NOT print 2-sided / double-sided

(Turn Off Duplex Printing option).

Step 3.


Cut off all excess edges using a pen-knife or scissors.

Step 4.


Fold paper into half (into A5 size).

Step 5.

Fold Again

Fold paper into half again (into A6 size).

Step 6.

And Fold Again

Fold paper into half again (into A7 size).

Step 7.

Unfold and Cut

Unfold the paper back into A5 (half folded) and make a cut in the line in the middle.

Step 8.

Fold and Form

Open up the paper into A4 in landscape orientation and fold it vertically down into half. Pull the middle (with the cut) outwards

to form a 6-pages booklet.

Step 9.

Glue Together

Make sure all the pages are in the correct sequence and glue the pages back-to-back.

Step 10.

Enjoy Your Book

Ta-daa! Your Mini Picture Book is ready!

Enjoy reading :)

Still confused? Watch this video and follow the steps!

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