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The Favorite Toy

Rusty has many toys... but which is his favourite toy?

Author / Artist : Paula Pang



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"The Favorite Toy is inspired by my dog Rusty when he was a pup. He’d chew and destroy almost anything he could get his paws on. But when he sat in front, with his big puppy eyes, all would be forgiven.

Rusty was an abandoned pup - the result of an impulse buy by someone not ready to care for a dog; and he still offers up challenges today. I wanted the story to be enjoyable and enduring for the readers but yet at the same time to highlight the frustrations which any pet owners may encounter. Though owning a cute pet may be a joyful experience but like all good things, it is also a package that comes with its own challenges.

But may this story be one of hope and inspiration for responsible ownership - after all a pet is for life and not just for a few hours of fun."

- Paula Pang


ACTIVITIES TIME Keeping a pet is a lifetime commitment, but it also provides you with immense joy and love.

And before you decide to buy one, why not consider adoption instead? There are cats, dogs, and rabbits which desperately need your help and a home above their heads. These once-upon-a-time pets have been abandoned, mistreated, or rejected by their previous owners, and they deserve all the love you are ready to give.

Here are some places in Singapore to adopt pets from, IF you are prepared for the responsibilities:

1. SPCA Singapore -

2. Animal Lovers League -

3. Purely Adoptions -

4. Adopt A Dog -

5. Cat Welfare Society -

6. House Rabbit Society -



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