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Sketchbook of Impossible Animals

JoJo loves to draw. Animals in all shapes and sizes that Mommy calls "IMPOSSIBLE"!

Author / Artist : Josef Lee



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"The best ideas usually come when you stop thinking of them. And the idea for this new story came rather unexpectedly when I was creating another story ( Anything But Corns ) with my niece and nephew.

"Colour the animals in whatever colours you like," I said to the kids when they were ready to start colouring the story that we did together.

"I want to colour the dog blue!" my nephew said.

"And the rabbit green!" my niece followed.

"No, no... dogs shouldn't be blue in colour, right? That will look weird," I corrected them, as I swiftly took back control of my iPad and started to pick out the right colours for them instead.

And sadly, that's what most of us experienced when growing up - to always be handheld by adults around us who constantly correct our thoughts and actions. As parents, teachers, adults, are we also constantly telling our kids about the IMPOSSIBLES rather than showing them what's POSSIBLE?

Are we stifling our child's imagination?

Creativity is to IMAGINE making the impossible possible.

And that starts from young IF we allow our kids the freedom to imagine."

- Josef Lee




Try drawing an IMPOSSIBLE animal of your own creation. Could it be a pig with wings, a frog with 8 legs, or even a cat with 2 horns and a coat of blue fur?

1. Draw your IMPOSSIBLE animal.

2. Let us know what animal it is and include the animal's name and your name on the drawing

__(e.g. Cow, by Alison Ang)

3. Take a photo and email to us at

4. See your IMPOSSIBLE animal included in our gallery of IMPOSSIBLE Animals!

Gallery of IMPOSSIBLE Animals


Has anyone ever told you that it is IMPOSSIBLE for you to do something?

What is that "something"? Can you prove to them that YOU can make it POSSIBLE?

DO YOU KNOW that the famous composer and pianist Beethoven began to lose his hearing when he was only 26? But thanks to his talent and strong will, Beethoven continued to compose some of his most famous pieces including Moonlight Sonata and Symphony No. 9, even after he turned completely deaf.

DO YOU KNOW that when Einstein was a small child, everyone thought that it was impossible for him to succeed in life. Einstein didn't speak until the age of three and he was both autistic and dyslexic. However, Einstein proved everyone wrong and became a world-renowned physicist who developed the general theory of relativity E = mc2, which has been dubbed "the world's most famous equation".

Can you learn from Beethoven and Einstein and make the IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE?



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