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The Sad Penguin

There once lived a sad penguin who wished he could fly like his friends.

Author / Artist : James Tan



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A WORD FROM THE AUTHOR / ARTIST "This book is targeted at the younger age group and I hope they can learn that their 'limitations' can in fact be a strength. Sometimes what you perceive as a weakness can be a strength and I hope that The Sad Penguin can let children understand the important message of looking within themselves for that inner and hidden strength and build on it. You don't have to be sad and envy your friends or others."

- James Tan


ACTIVITIES TIME After reading the story, here are some questions for discussion:

1. Why do they think the penguin is sad?

2. Why was the penguin happy at the end?

3. Do you think the penguin should envy his friends?

4. Should the friends envy the penguin?

5. Why was the penguin unhappy with his small wings and short legs?

6. Why was he happy with his small wings and short legs at the end?

7. What are some of the things you are unhappy about?

8. How can you turn it into your strength?

9. What is a happy penguin dance?! Show it!



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