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I Want A Big Big Cat

KaKa wants a cat. Not just any cat but a big, big cat.

Author / Artist : Josef Lee



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"I'm a big lover of cats and always wanted to do stories about cats. So when I first embarked on this project and knew I had to come up with 10 picture stories in 5 months, I naturally jumped on a 'cat' idea for my first story.

And not just any ordinary cat, but a gigantic, fictional cat born out of the imaginations of a little girl who was asked what she wanted for a pet. I had lots of fun coming up with the many absurd scenes conjured from little KaKa's mind.

But fun aside, this story also touches on two important messages that I hoped to share with all kids - 1) Keeping pets is not just fun and play. We need to be responsible for taking care of them too.

2) Adoption of stray animals is as good an option as buying from pet shops." - Josef Lee

Muffin, my cat of 12 years which I adopted since she was a 2-month old kitten.

ACTIVITIES TIME Keeping a pet is a lifetime commitment, but it also provides you with immense joy and love.

And before you decide to buy one, why not consider adoption instead? There are cats, dogs, and rabbits which desperately need your help and a home above their heads. These once-upon-a-time pets have been abandoned, mistreated, or rejected by their previous owners, and they deserve all the love you are ready to give.

Here are some places in Singapore to adopt pets from, IF you are prepared for the responsibilities:

1. SPCA Singapore -

4. Adopt A Dog -

5. Cat Welfare Society -

6. House Rabbit Society -



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