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Grab A Chair

Ever noticed a chair standing around in the corner? What if it is alive? What is it thinking of?

Author / Artist : Moses Sia



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"Have you noticed chairs that are thrown away? One day, I noticed one of them and started taking photos of those I spotted. Many of them are still useable even though they might look worn out. I began to wonder about the stories each of them would tell.

This story began with a random illustration rather than a storyline, and in a way, you could say that this story told itself from then on. The chair on the cover appeared on stage and ready to speak. The text that followed is based on the parts of a chair - and the parts of a chair have such fascinating names. Hope you will enjoy playing along."

- Moses Sia


ACTIVITIES TIME Here are 2 things you could try: create your own illustration and writing your own text.

Create Your Illustration

My illustration made use of digital collage. Collages can be created by cutting and pasting different pieces of papers. What types of paper can you use? You could paint or colour some small pieces of paper, or use any paper you find around you like magazine pages, wrappers, etc.

I have provided an outline of a chair below that you could fill in with your collage papers. You could also use collage to create your own illustrations.

Write Some Text

If you imagine that you are part of a chair and could speak, what would you say? Decide on an object and find out about the names of its different parts. You could consider a bicycle, an animal or even a building and then write a short speech as if you were that part of this object. It does not have to rhyme.

Another alternative is to use the the name of the part for an acrostic poem. Start each line with the letters in that part’s name. For example, using the word “chair”,

Consider it my privilege to

Have your bums

At ease and sinking

Into my soft cushion -

Resting comfortably on me



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