One Hundred And One Apples

There are one hundred and one apples to be shared between four families.

So who gets the extra apple?

Author / Artist : Josef Lee


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"We all long to have more. More than what we already have, and even more than what others have.

'Contentment' is a frequent theme that I explored in many of my stories. Similarly in this story, the four families are not contented with the twenty-five apples that they each have in their hands, but hunger for the one apple hanging on the tree.

The one apple on the tree is no more special than the other hundred apples. But whoever gets the apple will have MORE than the others. And that's what makes the one apple special."

- Josef Lee

ACTIVITIES TIME Create Your Own Ending for the Story

Did you expected that the quarrel between the four families will end because a bird flew off with the one apple in the tree?

Do you like this ending?

How will you choose to end the quarrel between the four families?

Who will you give the apple to? Or will you share the one apple with four families?

Try and create a new ending for the story!

How will you continue the story after this page? How do you resolve their quarrel?

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