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Culture Makeover

Every year on Racial Harmony Day, Tanya wears a cheongsam. But this year, she wants to be different. Will she succeed?

Author / Artist : Tay Wanxuan



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"Throughout the making of Culture Makeover, I encountered many difficulties in crafting an engaging story that revolves around racial themes as this is my first time writing a children’s storybook. Thus, I had to go through many drafts before finalising the current story. Another difficulty I faced was designing the front cover of Culture Makeover. As I was unsatisfied with my initial design, so I had to sketch out a few more drafts before reaching a final cover design.

Despite these obstacles, I still had fun making the story come to life. Witnessing the final product of the book come to life made me feel immersed in joy and excitement. Furthermore, I hope that after going through the journey with Tanya in Culture Makeover, children will learn the importance of Racial Harmony Day and learn to respect each other's culture, including their own." - Tay Wanxuan

Early drafts of storyboards

ACTIVITIES TIME Listen and sing along to this lovely song, "Celebrations - A song about racial harmony in Singapore", written and performed by local singer Serene Choo.


Every year on the 21st of July, schools in Singapore commemorate Racial Harmony Day to mark the anniversary of the 1964 racial riots. Learn more about the 1964 Race Riots in this video.


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